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Features and abilities: it's important that automation technologies exceed just managing individual modules and have the capability to integrate along with other systems most typically activity since that is an section of high use of any home owner. Example: effortless Integration with Multi-room musical Systems, Multi-room multimedia circulation systems (films, Videos, Pictures, Music)...etc.
Investment Protection: you should be sure that installed Controller or Modules can be simply replaced in the foreseeable future. Give consideration to having installed a method who has some elements fail after 5 years, and also at the same time, the business which installed it became bankrupt. The house owner is kept with no option but to totally revamp the whole electrical system in the residence which would cost more with time, work, and equipment that that which was originally taken care of the automation system. Having a system that is standardized means that every other business can help it or replace parts that are certain various products, possibly from various vendors, to be able to guarantee continued operation.
Interoperability: This requirements identifies the ability of this Controller to talk to modules that are multiple different manufacturers. This can make sure that a operational system consists with Lighting, HVAC, Curtains, Appliances, and Multimedia Control Modules are ordered from various manufacturers which are the most effective or many specific in those industries. This helps to ensure that something gets the best-in class Modules for each particular function. It is really not logical that the most readily useful maker of light dimmers normally top manufacturer of curtain control systems, or audio systems. Some interaction protocols are closed or proprietary, hence forcing the customer to acquire anything from a solitary maker. This requirements also overlaps aided by the Investment Protection Criteria since having an interoperable system will give future freedom to effortlessly replace Modules even in the event the business which installed them has closed down.
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As of 2005, the resolution that is highest demonstrated for digital video generation is 33 megapixels (7680 x 4320) at 60 fps ("UHDV"), though this has just been demonstrated in unique laboratory settings [1]. The speed that is highest is accomplished in commercial and clinical high speed digital cameras which can be capable of filming 1024x1024 video at around 1 million frames per second (for extremely short period of time, demonstrably).

2006 Cordin could be the globe leader in ultra speed imaging technology that is high.

With respect to the camera system in use frame rates up to 200 000 000 fps are feasible. Very integration that is short and inter framework times are standard. Gated and models that are intensified available. Among other modules Cordin offers Ultra-High Speed Camera systems with 1000 * 1000 Pixel at complete framework rate in color or white and black . Streak camera systems for clinical applications are developed and available with today's technology.

For high rate applications into the near, center or wave that is long the Phoenix digital cameras provide different opportunities. The InGaAs, QWIP and InSb Detectors can acquire pictures with a frame rate as high as 30 KHz in the wavelength range of 900 nm to 10 µm.

Numerous interfaces happen designed specifically to handle certain requirements of uncompressed video that is digitalat approximately 400 Mbits/s):

Serial Digital Interface
High-Definition Multimedia Interface
Digital Visual Interface
Unified Display Program